The Weird Reason Queen Elizabeth II’s Cows Use Waterbeds

Talk about fit for a queen!

Jersey cow on pasture in morning mist, West Coast, New ZealandLakeview Images/ShutterstockYou might already know about Queen Elizabeth II’s obsession with corgis and horses or the fact that she owns all the swans in London. But did you know she also owns cows?

To mark the 65-year anniversary of Her Majesty’s coronation, BBC’s Countryfile visited the farm at Windsor Great Park, where Queen Elizabeth II is “the farmer” and her husband, Prince Philip, is “the ranger,” farm manager Mark Osman says on the episode. “They’re country people, and they’re really very good farmers,” he says. They’re good dog owners too—find out why Queen Elizabeth has owned so many corgis.

Royal cattle aren’t often talked about, but the farm is nothing new to the royal family. Some of the cows on the queen’s country estate can trace their bloodline back to the reign of Queen Victoria, who received cows as a gift in 1871.

As you might expect, Queen Elizabeth’s 165 dairy cows get the royal treatment. Not only do they wander around and graze from vast green pastures, but they can rub up against an automatic cow brush that removes dirt and relieves stress. Meanwhile, robots milk the cows and clean the floors, meaning the cattle can come in on their own time instead of being left to the whims of a human milk farmer. But perhaps the biggest luxury the cattle get to enjoy: waterbeds.

The cows lie down on big water pillows to sleep, but they also like to hang out on them during the day. The royal family took an active role in choosing the beds, which were the best that money could buy at the time. “As the cow lies down, the water pushes underneath the pressure points where the cow lies, and the cow ends up floating,” Osman tells the BBC. Sounds positively dreamy! We might just have to revisit the ’70s and get our own waterbeds.

Her Majesty doesn’t just limit her love of animals to the farm. Check out these 9 bizarre exotic animals Queen Elizabeth has received as gifts.

[Source: Deccan Chronicle]

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