This Is How Much Money Queen Elizabeth Forked over in Property Taxes Last Year

The taxes aren't steep, per se.

Buckingham-palacemaziarz/ShutterstockCertain rules just don’t apply to Queen Elizabeth. For example, she has much greater ease in international travel because she doesn’t need a passport. And that’s a pretty sweet deal, but in some cases, the queen decides to opt in to of some requirements intended only for the commoner. And, in 1992, the U.K.’s monarch decided that she should start paying taxes. (Here’s how much the queen—and each member of the royal family—is worth by the way.) 

Queen Elizabeth is responsible for income taxes, capital gains taxes, and a council tax for places of residence. According to, people who are “18 or over and own or rent a home,” are subject to the council tax. So, not quite the same as the U.S.’ property tax, but a pretty close equivalent.

All told, the total council taxes which the queen pays annually comes out to £ 9,167.76, ($12,060.00). This total comes from separate taxes paid on three royal residences.  The breakdown, by property, is as follows:

  • Buckingham Palace – £1,337.62 ($1,759.61)
  • Windsor Castle – £2,365.16 ($3,111.32)
  • Sandringham Estate – £3,033.20 ($3,990.11)

The queen is just like any old commoner, paying several thousand dollars worth of taxes for 20,000-acre estates.  It might just surprise you that each member of the royal family actually works, too.

[Source: Metro]