Queen Elizabeth Is Making Headlines for the Secret (and Shocking) Message She Just Sent with Her Hat

The Queen recently chose more casual attire during the recent State Opening of Parliament—and sent a pretty powerful message with just her hat.

01-Can-You-Guess-the-Secret-(and-Shocking!)-Signal-Queen-Elizabeth-Just-Sent-With-Her-Hat--8874412a-James-GourleyREXShutterstockJames Gourley/REX/ShutterstockQueen Elizabeth definitely knows how to make a statement—and not just in fashion. Although Her Majesty typically chooses to stay mum when it comes to political matters, she might have just broken that rule when she spoke at the annual State Opening of Parliament.

At first glance, Queen Elizabeth’s attire doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary; she’s known for her bright wardrobe, after all (and here’s why she’s always wearing neon outfits!) But there might be more than meets the eye. If you look closely, you’ll notice something quite unusual about her outfit of choice.

Although the Queen traditionally wears a gown and full regalia—known as the Robes of State—to this formal event, she opted for a more casual tone this year. But this was the first time in 43 years that she hasn’t worn the traditional robes, and there might be a deliberate reason why.

Her Majesty chose to wear a blue hat with yellow flowers arranged in a circular pattern, instead. Curiously enough, the attire closely resembles the European Union’s flag. A simple coincidence? The Internet thinks not. Given that her country is currently negotiating to leave the organization, the Queen’s timing couldn’t be more opportune. She’s legally barred from voting, but can you guess whose side she may have chosen in the Brexit referendum?

02-Can-You-Guess-the-Secret-(and-Shocking!)-Signal-Queen-Elizabeth-Just-Sent-With-Her-Hat--8874412c-James-GourleyREXShutterstockJames Gourley/REX/ShutterstockAlthough it’s unlikely that the Queen will ever reveal her true intent, it’s a subtle (but savage!) message that the Parliament will surely never forget… and neither will we.

The hat isn’t the only thing Her Majesty has worn for a deliberate purpose, though. Check out the real reason Queen Elizabeth carries a purse all the time and why she always wears gloves.