This Quilt Is an Amazing Final Tribute to the Woman Who Sewed Everything

Her mom kept her Singer sewing machine singing until she was 85.

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At age 85, my mama was still mowing her yard with a push mower and plowing her own garden. I was joking with her one day and said, “Mama, I’m so glad there won’t be any lawn mowers or garden tillers in heaven, because you would have to run them!” She had a good laugh.

All my life, she’s been working hard at something. Growing up, we didn’t have to worry about getting new dresses. Mama made our dresses from colorful feed sacks.

[pullquote] Almost every baby in our church and community had one of her quilts. [/pullquote]

She didn’t have a store-bought pattern—she could take a newspaper and cut her own pattern, then sew the dress. She could make that Singer treadle machine sing a song, it was going so fast.

Almost every baby in our church and community had one of her quilts. Always relishing a challenge, Mama loved to see how small she could make her stitches.

Other quilters have said the cathedral window pattern is one of the hardest to do, so of course Mama had to prove she could accomplish it. At 85, she set out to make this beautiful quilt, which has more than 1,000 pieces.

Now she is 88 years old, not in good health and unable to quilt anymore.

I am so blessed, because she gave me that last quilt as a gift. It is a treasure. Thank you, Mama. I love you.

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