Reader’s Digest: April 2014

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april 2014 coverWhat Do Dogs Dream About?
Psychology Today suggests they’re probably imagining familiar activities like playing outside or chasing their tail. Interestingly, small breeds tend to dream more than large ones. Just two of the 13 things we didn’t know about man’s best friend!

Surprisingly Inspirational Quotes from Top Comedians
“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”—Robin Williams

Run, Computer, Run!
Sluggish machine? Try adding more RAM. If you’re considering a memory cleaner, CNET warns, “This process technically frees up RAM, but only in the sense that squeezing a sponge down on a flat surface frees up water-absorbing capability.”

Divine Miracles
From Chicken Soup for the Soul, read six short stories that describe something bigger than us all: a child receiving a heavenly message, a long-gone father somehow delivering a comforting talisman, and a voice urging a wife to a scene of danger.

We (App)rove of This Timesaver
IFTTT.COM—”If This Then That”—is an online service and app that helps users create digital “recipes” to streamline their lives. Check out 13 ingenious IFTTT recipes here to be an efficiency machine in no time!

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