Reader’s Digest: April 2015

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Extraordinary America Photo Contest: What Place Has Your Heart?
For this year’s Reader’s Digest photography contest, we ask that you send in your image of an American place that’s close to your heart–the more surprising, the better! Please include a brief note telling us why you chose it. Contest closes April 27th, 2015. One grand-prize winner will receive $500 and be published in the July/August issue of Reader’s Digest; three runners-up will receive $125 each. Visit for details.

Most Retweets on Twitter: There’s a Right Way to Do Laundry—Really
We found seven common slipups that can cause damage to fabrics, fit, and more.

9 Everyday Items Dirtier than a Toilet Seat
Surprise: One of them is your carpet! About 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch, which is nearly 700 times more than what’s on the average commode. Try deep-cleaning once a year to get where the vacuum can’t.

Most Popular on Facebook: 10 Silent Signs of Diabetes
New research indicates a shocking 25 percent of people with diabetes don’t know they have it. If you experience some of the more subtle clues (thirstier than usual, extra bathroom breaks, weight loss, blurry vision, and others), talk to your MD.

Pretty, Healthy Mason Jar Salads
Prevent a limp lunch by layering fresh ingredients in a jar—dressing first. Blogger Heather Crosby, author of the book YumUniverse (BenBella Books), offers tasty variations, including Harvest Sweet Potato, Kale & Quinoa Salad.

Top Life Advice from 10 of the Greatest Wits
“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.”
Babe Ruth

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