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Reader’s Digest Trust Poll

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Here’s What Shocked Us the Most »

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Infographic: The Most Trusted Professions in America »

Why Robin Roberts Is the Most Trusted Woman on Television »

Why We Trust Certain Faces and Distrust Others »

Which Celeb Did You Trust More? »

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Funny Photos: 9 Massive Kitchen Fails »


Eat to Beat: Muscle Cramps »


Remember Everything: Apps That Banish Forgetfulness »


• Eat Like a Baby, Lose Weight? »
You don’t have to puree your meals, but studies show that eating slowly, trying new foods, pushing your plate away when full, and other toddler habits will help consume only what your body needs.

• 13 Food Myths You Still Believe Are True » Most popular on Facebook!
Are carbs evil? Does chicken always have to be cooked skinless? Ditch your old-school thinking and get savvy to the latest healthy eating facts.

• 6 Weird Kickstarters That Got Funded »
If a dream-sensitive sleep mask can raise $572,891 through the popular crowdfunding site, so can yours wacky idea. See what else might be on the market soon.

• Seriously Hilarious Facts About Flatulence » Most retweets!
We don’t usually giggle at the prestigious New Zealand Medical Journal, but its article “Flatulence on Airplanes: Just Let It Go” reveals that the smell of women’s gas is significantly worse than men’s, and other oddball bits. Titter.

• Wait: Video Games Are Good for You? »
We found surprising ways that certain types of digital play can help boost the brainpower of kids, surgeons, war veterans, and more.

• If People Drive You Nuts… ».
Author Ed Bacon (Eight Habits of Love) shared seven top tips for dealing with annoying folks, including: start with a question, listen carefully, and accept the outcome.

• Unusual DIY Kitchen Cleaners »
Who knew: Ketchup cleans your oven, soda scrubs your garbage disposal, toothpaste brightens your walls, plus ten more non-toxic ways to keep the house sparkling.

• When World Peace Was Within Reach »
Sure, former NBA star Dennis Rodman befriended North Korean leaders this spring, but we recall nine amazing, historic attempts to prevent or resolve global conflict.

• Lost Pets That Found Their Way Home »
These six cherished critters—dogs, cats, a parakeet, and even a turtle—all got a second chance at love in these extraordinary tales of luck and random kindness.

• More Pain for the Post Office »
The beleaguered USPS may need to sell hundreds of its smaller, unprofitable branches, even though many serve as community hubs that do more than just sort mail.

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