Reader’s Digest Extras from October 2013

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Wacky Workouts
If you’re bored with your exercise regime—well, have you tried Prancercise? If the massively viral YouTube video is any proof, sashaying along to awesome music just might tone your body. Other rising fitness trends include paleo (strength-train like a caveman), surfset (balance for a firm core), and cycle karaoke (Journey songs? Optional).

Unusual Menstrual Symptoms to Watch For
Besides mood swings and bloating, fluctuating hormones also make it more likely that during their cycles women will injure their knees, develop gum disease, suffer from odd coughing, or have higher cholesterol, and be more reckless with money.

Get Smarter with Google
ZDNet offers this handy tip to sift through university research quickly: first type “site:edu” and then “intitle:” before your topic. For example, site:edu intitle: “sleep” returns new study results from Harvard, UC Berkeley, and more.

Animal Skulls Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before
Less than one twentieth of one percent of the entire animal kingdom has a skull, but the ones that do are shown to great, stark effect in the book Skulls by Simon Winchester, photographed by Nick Mann.

Skip Booze, Save Brain Cells?
One review of multiple studies found that men and women who drank some had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s compared to non-drinkers. Experts think it may be due to alcohol’s role in cardiovascular health, which is boosting “good” HDL cholesterol and reducing the risk of blood clots. Here’s to that!

Master Procrastinators
In her book Odd Type Writers, Celia Blue Johnson reveals the truly strange habits of some of history’s greatest authors. Colette would pluck fleas from her French bulldog; Victor Hugo went naked save a knitted gray shawl; Dickens needed a desk decorated with his talismans. So we’re good if you want to check Facebook for the tenth time instead of tackling your to-do list.

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