Reader’s Digest: February 2015

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Tell Us About Your Act of Kindness!
What’s the kindest thing that ever happened to you? Was it heartfelt, surprising—funny? Tell us, we’ll even pay you $100 if we publish it in the magazine.

Here’s a sample to get you thinking:
June King, of Norwalk, Connecticut, was having trouble parking at a farmer’s market until, she told us in a letter, “a gentleman who was driving by stopped and offered to park my car for me. He then got out my walker and helped me shop. When we finished, he escorted me back to my car, made sure I was safely inside, then left. Apparently, the only reason he had stopped was to help me.”

Your True Stories in 100 Words

Do you have a story to tell? Send it to us in 100 words or fewer—we’d love to read it, and if we publish it in the magazine it might be worth $100. For details, and to read other stories from our readers, visit

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