Reader’s Digest: March 2014

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Everyday Heroes: Meet the Parents Fighting to End Pediatric Cancer
When these parents heard the unimaginable words “your child has cancer,” they grieved—then got to work to help find a cure.

You Be the Judge: The Case of the Falling Filmgoer
Should a movie theater pay when a patron takes a spill?

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
If the Doctor were still around, we suspect he’d be spending his day like any one of us would: through an interminable flow of social media updates. Here’s how that might go down.

Is Mouthwash a Waste of Money?
According to experts, it’s less effective at fighting plaque than regular brushing, flossing, and pro cleanings. Swishing might kill germs, but the effects are short-lived and the alcohol can dry out your mouth—which can actually increase bacteria growth.

Pasta Like the Pros
Chef Ryan Hardy likes serving with a carving fork: “We use it to deliver a neat nest of noodles into a bowl. Using a large spoon in your left hand and the fork in your right, scoop the noodles with the fork and spin on the spoon until a nice bundle forms—boom!—first-class spaghetti.”

The 50 Shades of Me
Mostly silly, sure, but we found five free online quizzes that deliver surprisingly nuanced personality reads. Our favorite is Test Color, which reveals how creative and smart you are by what colors you like.

The Best Thrillers to Read Right Now
Enjoy a good suspense novel? Check our list of 20 timeless and instant classics, such as the high-tech page-turner The Circle from Dave Eggers, or psychological sizzler Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson.

How to Spend Less While Shopping
Even if you leave the plastic at home, try to bring worn bills. Studies show people are more likely to part with wilted dollars than crisp cash. Also, wear high heels; focusing on your balance makes you more likely to buy mid-range items.

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