Reader’s Digest: May 2014

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Evan Kafka for Reader’s Digest
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Evan Kafka for Reader’s Digest

On the cover: We want our animal-loving fans to be happy, so we created one cat and one dog version and randomly distributed the issues to subscribers and stores.

How to Calm a Sore Throat
If water mixed with lemon or honey didn’t work, mix a gargle of ½ teaspoon of turmeric and ½ teaspoon of salt into 1 cup of hot water. The yellow spice is a powerful antioxidant, and scientists think it has the strength to fight many serious diseases.

Fascinating Facts About Twins
To tell twins apart, look at their belly buttons, which are not genetic (they’re created after birth). Another way to know who’s who: Fingerprints. Exposure to different areas of the womb during development affects the individual ridges and whorls.

Make TV Time More Active
For every two hours of TV you watch, your risk of becoming obese jumps 23 percent, says Joel K. Kahn, MD, in The Holistic Heart Book. That’s even if you exercise regularly! Try sit-ups or push-ups during commercials; at minimum, make ads a cue to move.

Naturally Bug-Free Pantry
Battle household pests with natural repellents, like clove oil or cayenne pepper for ants, and cucumbers or vanilla beans for cockroaches. Also, store food in closed containers; fix leaks to shut down a water supply; and rotate loose items like bags or towels to avoid nesting.

The Best Time to Buy Anything
Memorial Day sales include discounted clothing and home goods, but now is also a great time to price out gym memberships, cookware and dishes, and refrigerators.

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