Resolved: Three Delicious Dishes to Make This Year

Even when you live and breathe food, certain things never seem to make it off of the Pinterest board and

making gnocchiEven when you live and breathe food, certain things never seem to make it off of the Pinterest board and into happy stomachs. So perhaps it’s no surprise that everyone’s getting in on the New Year’s resolution game—here are food-related goals from Food52, Buzzfeed, and Big Girls Small Kitchen. As for me, my own resolution is easy: Make these, eat, and repeat.

1. Homemade sushi. Here’s a secret: My favorite thing to order at sushi joints actually has nothing to do with fish. It’s so inauthentic, I’m sure no one in Japan would recognize it. But avocado and peanut rolls, dipped in soy sauce and wasabi, are fantastic. They’re also wildly expensive when you consider that a small pile of avocado, peanuts, nori, and rice costs 10 bucks. So this year, I’m making my own. I’ve been intimidated by phrases like “sushi rice,” but it turns out that’s just rice mixed with vinegar, salt, and sugar—easy breezy! Maybe someday I’ll graduate to fish rolls, but vegetarian is a perfect starting step.

2. Gnocchi. Whenever I end up at an Italian spot, I tend to order the gnocchi—especially if it says it’s house-made. Often, restaurant pasta is the same boxed stuff you can buy at the store gussied up with fancy sauces, but the soft, pillowy, gnocchi are something I can’t get at home. Until now. With just three or four ingredients, versions like these should be the perfect project for a chilly Saturday afternoon. And then I’ll top them with blue cheese and eat every last one.

3. Crave-Worthy Ice Cream. Some people approach ice cream like the pros do, pouring in milk, cream, and custards with wild abandon and delicious delight. But whenever I pull out my ice cream maker, I get this great idea to “cheat” the recipe and make it healthy—skim milk and berries, please, hold the sugar! I’m realizing there’s a reason my results taste like icy slush. So I’m going to do ice cream right, and make this chocolate-peanut butter cup ice cream. Why, hello three cups of half-and-half and cup of sugar. Bring it!

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