Why Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Kids Won’t Open Gifts This Christmas

Santa opts for early delivery for the House of Windsor.

The royal family has had a busy few months. Their schedules have been packed with plenty of blessings such as preparing to welcome a new baby to the royal clan and ruling over the largest coalition of nations in the world.  Check out these other royal family milestones you might have missed.

But amid all the hustle and bustle for the House of Windsor, the royals always manage to upkeep their family’s Christmas traditions, with a fairly filled morning schedule. On Christmas Day, the royal family gathers together for morning service at St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, a tradition dating back to the 16th century. Because of this, there’s no time for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to open presents on Christmas morning. Don’t miss the 12 times the royals broke their own protocol.

But this doesn’t mean that gift giving is stricken from the agenda entirely. The royal family follows a tradition that has German roots; on Christmas Eve, at teatime, everyone opens their presents, according to the royal family’s website. How Stuff Works explains that in Germany, children will traditionally open presents right at nightfall when their parents signal them to come into their Christmas tree room using bells. These are the royal family myths that are totally false.

So, Prince George has to wait one less day to see if Santa got him everything on his list. In terms of royal family traditions, this is definitely one most families wouldn’t mind adopting. Here are other royal family holiday traditions you may want to steal this year, too.

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