The Royal Record Prince Louis Broke the Day He Was Born

Prince Louis may not be the firstborn son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but he is tops at this.

His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge was born on April 23, 2018, as the third child (and second son) of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He was also the sixth great-grandchild of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Also, little did he know that as soon as he was born he became fifth in line to the throne of England. If you’re already confused, here’s the royal family tree explained in one easy chart.

It soon became apparent there was one category in which Prince Louis, did, in fact, hold the number one ranking, and that was birth weight. At birth, little Prince Louis weighed in at a robust eight pounds seven ounces. That’s more than either of his siblings weighed when they were born (Prince George weighed in at eight pounds six ounces and Princess Charlotte weighed eight pounds three ounces at birth) making him the number one heaviest Cambridge baby.

And that’s not all. Not only does Louis rank as the number one heaviest Cambridge baby, but he also ranks as the number one heaviest newborn heir to the throne in at least 100 years. And Louis is holding onto that record at the moment. There are, however, two caveats.

First, Prince Louis is not the heaviest baby ever born to the royal family. That distinction had been earned in 2010 by Savannah Phillips, the eldest daughter of Peter Phillips, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s grandsons; baby Savannah weighed eight pounds eight ounces when she was born. Savannah then lost her ranking in June 2018, when Zara Tindall, granddaughter of the Queen, gave birth to Lena Tindall, who weighed a whopping nine pounds three ounces. See the cutest royal baby photos from throughout history.

After Harry and Meghan announced their pregnancy, some were speculating that baby Archie might take the top spot as the heaviest royal baby at birth based on the size of Meghan’s bump, but that wasn’t the case. Archie was seven pounds three ounces when he was born, less than all of the Cambridge babies. Even though he didn’t beat out Louie for the heaviest baby, Archie did change the royal line of succession.

Lauren Cahn
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