Here’s How to Lower Your Blood Pressure—Without Diet or Exercise

One surprising activity may reduce your risk of high blood pressure, a new study says.


There’s a new-and-improved way to lower your blood pressure—and you’ll hardly have to lift a finger. (But if you want to go above and beyond, these foods can help lower blood pressure, too.) According to new research published in American Journal of Hypertension, a sweat session in the sauna may be the key to lowering blood pressure in men.

For the study, researchers divided 1,621 healthy men into three groups: those who attended the sauna once, two to three, or four to seven times per week. None of the participants had high blood pressure when the study started.

In the follow-up study over two decades later, 15.5 percent of the men had high blood pressure. However, men who went to the sauna two to three times per week were 24 percent less likely to have high blood pressure, and those who went four to seven times per week decreased their risk by nearly 50 percent. Try even more natural remedies for high blood pressure, too.

Researchers say your health gets a boost when you sweat it out in the sauna. For starters, your body temperature rises, muscles relax, and blood vessels widen. Plus, the heat improves the function of your endothelium, the tissue that lines the inside of your blood vessels. All of these perks help lower your blood pressure, according to the press release.

So, what’s the hold up? Quit popping pills and jump in the sauna, stat! Here are 31 more things you can do right now to avoid high blood pressure.

[Source: Well+Good]

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