Save on College, Legal Advice, Shipping and More

Great deals and ways to save on college, computer software, pet prescriptions — and even legal advice! Check out these easy ways to boost your budget.

An undergraduate education in Finland is free, even to Americans. And nearly 500 programs are taught in English, says Forbes. (

Computer Software and Storage
Instead of buying Microsoft Office for $115, try Google Docs ( and Open Office ( for basic programs, suggests Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Both are free.

Legal Advice
For $39.95 a month or $300 a year, you can access more than 10,000 legal forms at, reports Inc. magazine. produces detailed $1.99 videos lasting seven to ten minutes.

Pet Prescriptions
Instead of paying up to 150 percent over cost, see if your pet’s prescription drug is also a drug prescribed for humans. If it is, says, a retail pharmacy may charge a lot less.

When legendary consumer advocate Ralph Nader couldn’t get a refund for two US Airways tickets he had canceled, he uttered three words that he says consumers often overlook: small claims court. “Few people know how simple the forms are, how accommodating the judges are,” he tells the New York Times. “A lot of them are even open at night.” (He eventually got the refund.)

Shipping keeps a list of retailers offering just that, sometimes even overnight. The top ten (via L.L. Bean, Endless (shoes and handbags), Blue Nile, Shopbop, Zappos, Kate Spade, Nine West, Shoebuy, Modern Bathroom, and Piperlime.

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