21 of the Best Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Updated: Aug. 03, 2023

Make your way through our collection of scavenger hunt riddles and clues to lead you all over the house on your next adventure.

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Putting one together is a great way to pass the time for kids—and you! And they’re a great party activity.

These scavenger hunt riddles will provide some inspiration for the clues you can use to prepare your next scavenger hunt. They rhyme, and are similar to “what am I” riddles. Some are obvious and lead to a specific household object; others lead to a general area, like a closet, where you’ll need to do a bit more searching. The inspiration for these scavenger hunt riddles comes from EverythingMom, IDTech, Coolest Kid Birthday Parties, Icebreaker Ideas, and my own very creative mother.

1. Pillow

Soft and plump, I’ll be right here.
Throughout your dreams, you keep me near.
I keep you comfy through the night,
You leave me in the morning light.

Alternative second couplet for lovers of pillow fights:

You mainly use me to sleep at night,
But I’m also good for a silly fight!

2. Potato

I have eyes but I can’t see,
People make French fries from me.

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3. Candle

I may not be wicked—but I have a wick.
In size, I can be either skinny or thick.

4. Mirror

In my reflection,
You’ll see your complexion.

5. Kitchen or dining room table

I have four legs, but don’t have feet.
You use me when it’s time to eat.

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6. Dryer

In the basement, clothes are dirty,
Like your pants, and a shirty.
After they’re washed, here they go—
So you should head on down below.

(Obviously, this only works for a dryer located in a basement.)

7. Car

You’ve done really great so far.
You’ll find your next clue in the car.

8. Closet

Down the hall and to the right,
You’ll find a closet closed up tight.
Inside there is a lot of stuff—
To find the note, it might be tough.

9. Umbrella

​​I’ll keep you dry on a rainy day,
In the wind I might just blow away.

10. Pet food

You’ll never eat me for your lunch,
But on me, Fido* loves to munch.

*You can tweak this one to add your own pet’s name or breed.

11. Washing machine (or laundry detergent)

I make your dirty garments clean
So stains and dirt cannot be seen.

12. Bathtub

You fill me up and drain when done.
Adding bubbles is always fun!

13. Mailbox

I can bring good news, but I also hold junk.
I am creaky and squeaky and close with a clunk.

14. Shower

I have a drain, and my head’s full of water.
You use knobs to make me turn colder or hotter.

15. Pots & pans (or stove)

Great job! But that clue was too easy.
Look where you make your pasta cheesy.

16. Doorbell

When friends come by with news to tell,
Let them in when you hear this bell.

17. Books/bookshelf

Our spines are stiff and our contents are pale.
We’re always ready to tell a tale.

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18. Jacket

Throw me on before you go,
Especially when the temperature’s low.

19. Keys

In a bowl or on a hook,
Keep me somewhere you will look.
On a shelf or in your pocket,
Have me near before you lock it.

20. Curtains

Pull me back in the morning, shut me at night.
Let the light shine in by bundling me tight.

21. Mouthwash

I’m liquid but I’m not a drink.
Instead, you spit me in the sink.
If you leave without our session,
You might not make a great impression.

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