Finally, a Vinegar Cleaning Solution That Actually Smells Great!

Vinegar might deodorize, but it leaves a pungent smell in the meantime—unless you make a scented version.


There’s a reason so many homemade cleaners use vinegar. Not only is its high acidity tough against built-up grime and stains, but white vinegar is also cheap and natural. The only problem? Vinegar isn’t exactly known for its pleasant scent.

If filling your home with the smell of vinegar doesn’t scream “clean and fresh” to you, the blog Bren Did has a solution. Mask the sharp odor with with yummy-smelling fruit and herbs to make your homemade cleaners way more appealing.

To get the liquid to take on a better scent, start by filling a large glass jar about halfway with citrus peels and herbs. Bring white vinegar almost to a boil, then pour it into the jar. Stow it in a dark place for at least 25 hours, and the lovely smell will soak into the vinegar.

Not only does this homemade, scented vinegar give your home a spring-like smell, but it gives new life to old fruit peels and about-to-expire herbs that would have gone in the trash. Check out Bren Did’s post to find great-smelling, citrus-herb combinations and ideas on how to use your scented vinegar.

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Marissa Laliberte
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