The Secret Code Behind Costco’s Prices—Revealed

This simple tip can save you big bucks at the cash register.

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Once you go bulk, you never go back. That’s what shoppers who know these secret perks of having a Costco card say, at least. And it’s easy to see what all of the fuss is about; not only are Costco’s prices easy on the wallet, but the retailer also offers fantastic selections on its shelves.

But if you regularly shop at Costco, you might not be getting the savings you bargained for. (Pun intended.) The big box retailer has a little-known way of organizing their prices—and cracking the code could help you save even bigger.

In the words of site, “the last two digits of the price can tell you a lot.” For starters, any item whose price ends with a nine is regularly priced merchandise, so it’s likely that you’re not getting much more bang for your buck. Don’t bother with these things that are actually more expensive at Costco, either.

Meanwhile, items ending with $0.97 are general markdowns, so stock up. And if a price tag ends in $0.88 or an even dollar, the item has been marked down by a local manager who wants to clear a product from his or her store. (Another tip: If you see this symbol on your favorite Costco item, stock up now.)

Easy, peasy! Now you’re a smarter, savvier spender than before. But the savings don’t stop there. Check out the 13 Costco tips frequent shoppers keep to themselves.

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