The Secret Trick to Making Perfect Deviled Eggs

All deviled eggs are delicious, but perfectly made ones are also tiny works of art. British food writer Nigella Lawson has an easy trick for making perfect deviled eggs, every time.

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There’s just something about a platter of perfect deviled eggs that feels festive. Like Jell-O molds and filled cupcakes, they’re retro and just a little bit over-the-top. They’re a labor of love to make, requiring cooks to perfectly peel a batch of boiled eggs, excavate the yolks without making a mess, and then elegantly pipe them back in. Phew! The fact that cooks continue to make deviled eggs is a testament to their tastiness. Luckily, we have the secret to perfectly peeling boiled eggs to make it a little easier.

The super-simple secret

Here’s where our hack comes in. Anyone who’s made a batch of deviled eggs knows it’s a challenge to make every single egg look pretty. Thanks to the inherently imperfect nature of eggs, a batch of boiled eggs may include a few off-center yolks. In addition to looking wonky and asymmetrical, off-center yolks can result in an overly thin perimeter of egg white that doesn’t hold the yolk filling.

Beloved food writer Nigella Lawson has found a solution. According to her latest cookbook, the night before you plan to cook the eggs, lay them on their sides. Eggs are typically stored upright in cartons, which encourages the yolk to sink toward the bottom of the egg. Storing the eggs on their sides encourages the yolks to remain centered—definitely a brilliant kitchen hack you’ll wish you knew sooner.

You may be able to turn the eggs sideways right in the carton. If not, place them sideways on a plate or rimmed baking dish. To ensure that you can lift them in and out of the fridge without any cracking, place a tea towel under the eggs to minimize rolling.

That’s it! The next day, you can proceed to make your favorite deviled egg recipe, which should totally include this secret ingredient for the best-ever deviled eggs.

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