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Does Red Meat Beat the Blues?
An Australian study found that women who ate between two and four ounces of grass-fed beef or lamb a few times a week were twice as likely to be free of depression or anxiety; researchers think it’s the omega-3s in the animal’s diet.

Weird Reasons You’re Tipsy So Quickly
Unrelated studies show that mixing liquor with diet soda, drinking from a curvy glass, and liking the way a cocktail tastes can all raise blood-alcohol levels.

How to Prolong Smartphone Battery Life
If you find yourself constantly recharging your device, experts advise closing unused apps, turning off Wi-Fi, and eight other little-known tips.

Sunscreen Season Isn’t Over
Here’s one: Dermatologists warn that you can get a sunburn even if it’s overcast and cool, because clouds block only about 20 percent of UV rays.

16 Surprising Uses for Toothpicks
A nice time-saver: A potato will cook even faster if you stick four toothpick “legs” into it to equally expose the top, sides, and bottom to the oven’s energy.

How 10 Body Parts Got Their Names
The name for your tailbone comes from the Greek word for cuckoo (kokkyx), because the curved shape of the bone resembles the bird’s beak.

Behind the Scenes of Extreme Weight Loss
Want to lose it big? TV trainer Chris Powell says it starts with eating breakfast, drinking lots of water, and cutting down on sugar.


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