You’ll Never Guess Who Used to Cut the White House Lawn

When times got tough, President Wilson brought in a special group of four-legged groundskeepers.

february-2017-vv-poli-lawnHarris & Ewing Collection/ Courtesy Library of Congress, LC-DIG-HEC-10788

If President Trump is looking for a warm-and-fuzzy cost-savings plan, he might follow President Wilson’s lead. Wilson imported this flock of sheep in 1918 to reduce the White House gardening staff and economize during World War I. The South Lawn seemed to thrive under its four-legged groundskeepers. Even better, at auction their wool raised almost $53,000 for the Red Cross—adjusted for inflation, that’s about $850,000. The Trump White House may not be hiring sheepherders, but these unusual White House jobs are still available. This mind-blowing trivia about the White House will make you realize how little you learned in school.

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