Simple Halloween Recipes for Kids

These delicious and spooky recipes will be a hit.


Black Cat Cookies Recipe

Your kids will get a kick out of these unique cat cookies—and they’re extra fun and portable when placed on top of Popsicle sticks. Use Red Hots for the eyes and candy corns for the whiskers, then stick into a bucket filled with candy corn and they’ll become a sweet centerpiece.

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Black Cat Cupcakes Recipe

If a black cat crosses your path, we hope it’s one of these cute chocolaty creations. All you need for this time-saving recipe is a boxed cake mix, a can of prepared frosting, and simple candy decorations, like licorice and jelly beans. Who knew scary treats could be so easy?

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Brown Bread Pumpkins Recipe

Add a little holiday spirit to all parts of your meal—even basic dinner rolls! These brown bread rolls get a dash of whimsy with a Jack-o’-lantern design on top.And of course, we have to recommend that you serve these with pumpkin soup, and maybe even pumpkin butter.

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Festive Pumpkin Dip Recipe

This easy, festive appetizer is perfect for having on hand after trick-or-treating. This creamy, spicy dip combines pumpkin puree, cream cheese, chopped veggies, and taco seasoning. The fun continues with an edible bread bowl to hold the dip—now you know it’s a party.

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Great Pumpkin Sandwiches Recipe

Need an quick entrée for your Halloween bash? Try these stacked quesadillas. Your guests will think you’ve been visited by the Great Pumpkin when you serve this puffy, layered tortilla sandwich fresh from the oven. It’s seasoned with onion and garlic and loaded with melted cheddar cheese. A celery stick with leaves still attached makes it look like it was just picked from the pumpkin patch.

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Halloween Cookies Recipe

Cookies are a favorite for any occasion, and the possibilities are endless with these: Make a batch for trick-or-treaters, take them to a school or to a holiday party, or fill a tin for a neighbor. Add names to the ghosts to use as place settings, or use as favors at your Halloween open house.

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Mini Pumpkin Sandwiches Recipe

These cute Halloween sandwiches are perfect for a party: they are quintessential finger food, easy to serve and eat! The jack-o’-lantern rolls are made with frozen bread dough and a special cake pan; after you make the rolls, use them for everything from cheese sandwiches to hamburgers.

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Mousse-Filled Witches’ Hats Recipe

Cover ice cream cones in chocolate, fill with a rich, homemade chocolate mousse, stack the whole thing on a chocolate wafer, sprinkle with a bit of orange and black, and what do you get? A collection of witches’ hats that are sure to be a crowd-pleasing dessert.

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Orange Witches’ Brew Punch Recipe

Mix ginger ale with pineapple juice, apricot nectar, and orange gelatin cubes for a sparkling non-alcoholic punch, perfect for little ones. Serve your witch’s brew in a pumpkin bowl or cauldron for an extra atmospheric touch. Bonus: Place plastic spiders in a large cup, add water, and freeze—when it floats in your punch bowl, it’ll provide extra fun (make sure to remove the giant ice cube before it melts).

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