This Is What Grade Skipping Says About Your Child’s Future

The 4th-grade spelling bee was overrated anyway.

geniusInara Prusakova

Childhood is one big pottery class, with each and every experience playing a key role in molding the malleable minds (and DNA!) of each and every person. Most people will go through around 13 years of schooling in their lives, but for some kids, less is more, and they might skip a grade or two. (Is your kid a genius? Watch out for these 11 traits to know for sure.)

But what does foregoing a year of curriculum do for your child, and what does it mean for their future? In a new short film from Vanderbilt University, documentarians take a look a research project called the “Study for Mathematically Precocious Youth,” which tracked 5,000 gifted children over a 45 year period, and revealed some interesting stats pertaining to genius children, and grade skipping.

The kids who skipped a grade in the study enjoyed some major benefits, like a doubled chance of eventually earning a PhD and a 60 percent higher chance of earning a patent or doctorate in their lifetimes.

The study was broken up into five cohorts, each of which was composed of children in the top 1 percent of the smartest children in American. In one of the cohorts, composed of 1,600 students, 35 percent of them (560 of them) went on to earn PhDs, significantly more than the average national average of 2 percent. That particular cohort was also responsible for producing 7,700 published scholarly articles, 85 books, and 681 patents.

If you’re looking to boost your child’s cognitive function, be sure to carve out time for this one activity every single day. Or, just plan with your significant other for a September birth for your next kid.

[Source: Business Insider]

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