The Best Place to Make Lasagna Isn’t In Your Oven

You don't even have to boil water.

ShutterstockChili, soup, and stew are tried and true foods when it comes to slow cooker cuisine. But when you start to think outside the box, a whole new world of potential opens up for the crockpot. Next time you have a hankering for lasagna, skip the oven and crank the knob all the way to “low” on your slow cooker.

Jessica Seinfeld’s recipe produces a hefty portion of delectable lasagna without the legwork. The ingredients stay the same from oven to crockpot; you’ll need 16 lasagna noodles, six cups of baby spinach, two cups of mozzarella, thirty ounces of ricotta, a fourth of a cup of parmesan, four cloves of garlic, 56 ounces of crushed tomatoes,  two tablespoons of dried oregano, ¼ teaspoon of black pepper, and ¼ teaspoon of kosher salt.

Start with the sauce. Although the red sauce can be substituted with something pre-made and store bought, this one is painfully easy to make.  Combine the crushed tomatoes with the red pepper flakes,  kosher salt, oregano, black pepper, and diced garlic in a bowl.

Depending on your preference and dietary restrictions, fresh chopped basil, beef bouillon, or pureed onion can be thrown in to add another flavor layer to the sauce.

For the cheese, take the Parmesan, one cup of mozzarella, and Ricotta and combine them in a bowl until all cheeses are distributed evenly throughout the mix.

Next, take a five-quart crockpot, and lay down a thin layer of the sauce, spread evenly so that all you see is red and the bottom. Next, add a layer of noodles to cover the sauce entirely, then a cup and a half of sauce, then two cups of spinach, then a cup and a half of the cheese mix.

Repeat this layering process twice more, then finish up the top with a layer of noodles and a cup of the mozzarella. Replace the lid on the slow cooker, and let the lasagna be for three to three and a half hours on the ‘low’ setting. Once the noodles are tender across the top, the meal is ready to go.

If you aren’t craving Italian food, try cooking a chicken in your slow cooker. Or if you aren’t hungry at all, you can use your slow cooker for much more than cooking.  

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