4 New Smart Locks That Will Revolutionize Home Security

These four devices will transform your home into the smartest house on the block.

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Text Your Way In
After you install the Lockitron device ($179) over your door’s deadbolt and download the app, you can unlock the door by texting your password or tapping the app on your phone. The device is placed on the interior side of your door, and the app works with any smartphone.

Let In Friends
Security gets very social with the August Smart Lock ($199), which uses an app to sense and grant access to those with approved smartphones. Approach the entry while logged in to your account, and the door will automatically unlock. You can temporarily add a friend who wants to borrow a measuring cup or set up a schedule to admit the nanny each weekday morning. Can’t afford a home security system? Here’s how to fake one. 

Add a Camera
For the Einstein of digital unlocking devices, go for the Goji system ($245). It replaces your deadbolt and features an LED display that flashes a personalized greeting as you approach the front door. It also has a built-in camera, which takes a photo of visitors (expected or not) and sends it straight to your smartphone. Burglars, beware. There are some things that home security experts never do.

Forget the Phone
Give the Kwikset Kevo lock ($219) a whirl for the ease and convenience of digital access with a traditional “key” feel. A little device called the Fob—roughly the size of a stick of gum—easily fits on your key chain and syncs with the lock: All you have to do is tap the two of them together to unlock the door. (Lugging in the groceries just became much easier.) Keep your home safe with the best home security devices on the market.

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