The Sneaky Way Airports Trick You into Spending More Money

You’ve probably never noticed this before—but now, you’ll never be able to unsee it.

The-Sneaky-Way-Airports-Trick-You-Into-Spending-More-Money_301045157_EDITORIAL_pio3pio3/ShutterstockThe time you spend in an airport can take a serious toll on your wallet. We get it! Whether you linger around your terminal for 10 minutes or 10 hours, that impulse to spend is real. You’re probably even guilty of purchasing the things you should never, ever buy at the airport. But if you have ever whittled your vacation savings down before you even reached the destination, it’s not necessarily your fault. Actually, you might even blame the airport.

According to consulting company Intervistas, airports are secretly designed to make you spend more money. Here’s how: Their walkways are curved to the left, and because most people are right-handed, a leftward curve will cause you to instinctively look to the right as you walk.

The result? Something will inevitably catch your eye, and before you know it, you’re at the cash register with an armful of duty-free alcohol and perfume, a book, and a giant pack of M&Ms. You can purchase that bestseller sans-guilt, by the way; there’s a secret perk of buying books at the airport that no one knows about.

The shops themselves are also strategically located. You’ll find most of them in the areas with the highest foot traffic, for example. Some airports are even arranged in a way that forces fliers to walk through the retail area to get to their gates. And beware of a winding path; duty-free shops with “serpentine walk-through” designs have 60 percent more sales “because 100% of customers are exposed,” Invervistas reported. Don’t make these airport mistakes before your next flight, either.

So the next time you find yourself among the retail shops, just keep walking. Looking to kill time during a delay or layover? You can avoid a huge credit card bill with these ways to make the most of your airport layover, instead. Trust us, your bank account will thank you.

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