Sneeze Less Now

Our experts say these five simple, proven steps can help keep hay fever at bay.

1. Spritz a saline rinse into your nose daily to wash away pollen, says H. James Wedner, MD, of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

2. Change your car’s cabin air filter at least yearly, says Dr. Wedner. Older filters can blast pollen into your face.

3. Consider a mask when pollen gets bad, says Nathanael Horne, MD, of New York Medical College. An allergy mask with an N95 rating really helps if you’re gardening or walking through a pollen cloud. Wearing glasses or sunglasses helps too.

4. Save outdoor exercise for the evening, says Dr. Wedner. Many trees shed pollen at first light; ragweed pollen count tends to spike at midday.

5. Don’t dawdle. Start these steps a week or so before you expect your allergies to arrive, says Dr. Horne. Allergy season tends to start earlier these days.

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