Which Snowflake Doesn’t Belong in This Picture?

Let’s see how fast you can figure it out.

puzzleCourtesy of BrainSnack®

In reality, every snowflake has a unique pattern but in this puzzle only one is different. Can you spot it? If you spot it in less than one minute, we bet you can also figure out the differences in these 10 pictures.

Make sure that you look closely and carefully at each individual snowflake as well as the colors of the images and the snow falling around them. Which snowflake (1-10) does not belong? One of them is not like the others.

Have you spotted it yet or are you still searching? The one snowflake that is not like the others is the sixth snowflake. It’s different because the star in the center has six points and all of the other snowflakes’ stars have five points.

We bet you noticed that in no time if your mind is sharp. If you’re up for another challenge see if you can find the animals hidden in these pictures.

 Mind-stretchersCourtesy of Brainsnack® 

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