If You Bought This Popular Smartphone, You Could Be Owed BIG Bucks

For a four-year-old phone, that isn't bad.

Recalls.gov is an epicenter of failure. The site provides a crucial service for consumers, allowing them to know when a product they have purchased is putting them at risk. For manufacturers, it’s a reminder of what went wrong.

When you type “phone” into the search engine, every mobile or cellular accessory recall on the first page mentions the word “burn.” If you were hoping to get some money because of a recall in these instances, you might have to deal with an incinerated pair of chinos (here’s looking at you, Galaxy Note 7/Hooli phone users). Fortunately for Sony Xperia users, there’s no burn risk to the refund you could be receiving. 

A class action lawsuit takes issue with the fact that Sony advertised their 24 Xperia devices as being waterproof, when they were, in fact, not. On a related note, if you bought any of these electronics from 2001-2011, you could also be owed some cash. 

Look how much fun the guy pictured above is having, just diving in some crystalline body of water all gung-ho. Frolicking with some fish, shooting underwater photography of his also adventurous friend—thanks, Sony!

As it turns out, the phone in that advertisement, the Xperia Z3, is just water-resistant, not waterproof. So, if you were to say, drop the phone in a pool, then quickly retrieve it, you’d be just fine. But if you were to dive in head first and start snapping photos while in the pool, then your phone might run into some problems. But don’t panic just yet—here are eight tricks for saving your wet cell phone.  

Sony decided to settle, offering a refund of up to half of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), which, for the most expensive Xperia model, would be $300. Considering these models were being released back in 2013, that isn’t bad at all.

Check out this site to file a claim and check out the 24 products that are a part of the settlement.  And after you get your refund and get a new phone, always remember to recycle your old cell phone.

[Source: Gizmodo

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