Can You Spot the Hidden Queen of Hearts in This Image?

This puzzle isn't for the faint of heart.

Queen-of-hearts-puzzleVia Casumo.comThe brain benefits of puzzles are no joke. So if you’re obsessed with brainteasers, you probably have a noggin fit for a queen. But beware, puzzle pros: The latest mind-boggling puzzler isn’t for the faint of heart (pun intended!)—or mind.

In the image, you’ll find a chaotic spread of playing cards, each bearing the same red suit. But there’s only one card that shows the Queen of Hearts. Can you find her?

Most queens adore crowds, but this one would rather stay hidden from plain sight. And because she is camouflaged by her nearly identical royal subjects, only the most eagle-eyed observers can spot her.

This perplexing puzzle was created by, a virtual casino site.

“This is surely one of our toughest puzzles yet, and after a minute or two of searching we were feeling royally flushed,” Greg Tatton-Brown, spokesperson for, said. “We were relieved to see our luck finally change, however, and our heart skipped a beat when we finally spotted the shy and retiring unseen queen peeking out from the sea of red and white.”

If you’re having trouble tracking her down, we’ll give you a hint: She is holding a red rose, and only a small fraction of the card is visible. The rest of the queen has been covered by other cards with the suit of hearts.

Ready for the answer? You’ll find the Queen of Hearts in the bottom right-hand corner of the image. Next, see if you can spot the turtle in this picture—only 40 percent of people can. And if you’re feeling festive, finding the hidden robin in these trees will be a piece of (fruit) cake.queen-of-hearts-PuzzleVia

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