One Snowflake Is Not Like the Others—Can You Spot It?

Attention, puzzle pros: You've met your match!


Looking to put your nimble noggin to the test? We have a brainteaser that’s sure to get you going. designed this perplexing puzzle—and it just might give you a brain freeze. According to the online casino, there is one unique snowflake hidden somewhere in this wintry scene. Can you spot it? Read on to find out the answer.

“As it’s getting colder each day, we took inspiration from our recently launched Super Snowball Christmas campaign and put together one of our trickiest challenges yet,” Greg Tatto-Brown, a spokesperson for, said. “Hopefully you won’t be sick of the sight of the white stuff before spotting our one and only special snowflake.” When you’re done, see if you can find the bear in this puzzle.

Struggling to spot it? Don’t flake out! Hint: Take a closer look at the snowflakes’ “arms.” There’s one crucial difference about them, as the solution below points out.

If this puzzle was no problem for you, take your skills to the next level by spotting the difference in these 10 pictures. If all these snowflakes have given you brain-freeze, ease your eyes with these amazing optical illusions. lSnowflake-puzzlecourtesy

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