Can You Spot the Three-Legged Chair in This Puzzle?

Are you ready to tackle this chair-raising challenge?

If you can’t get enough of tricky brain teasers and puzzles—and if you can’t, we’re right there with you—you have to give this tricky I-Spy a try. It comes to us courtesy of Lifestyle Furniture, a U.K.-based furniture company, and, as such, involves furniture. One of these snazzy accent chairs is missing a leg—and it’s pretty tricky to spot. So is finding the airplane that’s flying in a different direction from the others in this puzzle.

Go ahead, take a look! There’s a chair with only three legs hiding in this sea of otherwise identical four-legged chairs. See how quickly you can find it! According to Lifestyle Furniture’s Matt Cadwallender, “The fastest and most eagle-eyed member of our team spotted it in just nine seconds. But we had several give up too.” While nine seconds is pretty unbelievable, we have faith that you can find it without giving up!

spot the three-legged chair puzzleCourtesy Lifestyle Furniture

Need a hint? It’s one of the blue chairs.

Ready to see the solution? Scroll down to see where the three-legged chair is hiding in plain sight.

spot the three-legged chair puzzle solutionCourtesy Lifestyle Furniture

Were you able to find it? If so, you might be ready for an even harder challenge: finding the queen of hearts in this image. Or really test your noggin with these 19 brain teasers that will leave you stumped.

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