Can You Spot the Witch Hat Among the Cats?

Ready for a spooky game of hide and seek?

We love dressing up as and decorating our house with Halloween creatures of all sorts. And while it’s fun to learn about the origins of Halloween’s spookiest creatures like witches and black cats, it’s just as much fun to search for them in a challenging Halloween brainteaser. While you’re preparing to eat lots of treats, this puzzle, from United Kingdom-based fostering agency Perpetual Fostering, will trick your eyes!

The objective is simple: Find the single witch hat among the cats. There are rows and rows of cute little cartoon kitties here, all with glowing eyes. There are also plenty of non-cat objects that do stand out immediately: jack o’ lanterns, ghosts, potted plants, and even a couple of brooms. But you’re looking for a witch hat, and it’ll be much trickier to spot! Plus, see if you can find the cat among the bats in this puzzle, too.

The hardest part about this puzzle is the fact that the hat is pointy, just like the ears of the cats—but it’s a little bent at the top and isn’t a perfect point. Making matters tougher, it’s partially hidden behind a couple of cats, so the pointy top is really all you have to identify it. (Also, if this helps, the hat isn’t black!)

Want another hint? It’s not in front of a brick wall.

Ready for the answer?

You’ll find the hat—which is a dark brownish-gray—in the fourth row from the bottom, close to the right side. Take a look:

witch hat puzzle solutionCourtesy Perpetual Fostering

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