5 Ways to Have an Awesome Spring Break Staycation—for $25 or Less

This year's spring break doesn't have to break the bank in order to be fun and memorable.


Just because the kids are home for spring break doesn’t mean you have to go all out on entertainment. Whether you’re trying to save some extra cash or don’t have the extra dough for a full blown vacation, here are five ways to spend $25 or less on some awesome spring break staycation ideas for the week.

Monday: Get wild.

Day trips are always a great option for a spring break on a budget, and zoos can provide a fun and affordable way for families to make lasting spring break memories. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy getting up close and personal with wildlife, whether at your local zoo, petting zoo, or aquarium. Make sure to check zoo websites for special events and discounts. For even more savings on your animal excursion, mommy blogger Kristy Moreno of the blog Seven Graces suggests searching for coupons online and packing along a bag of your own snacks and even lunches. If you’re looking to beat the crowds, she recommends going first thing in the morning or on weekdays.

Tuesday: Plan a picnic.

Just because you’re not flying anywhere warm and sunny for your staycation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. Pack up the kids and head to your favorite local park or turn your backyard into a picnic paradise with a blanket. Choose one of these great recipes to enjoy with your family or friends, and spend the day soaking up the sun—even if you’re still wearing a jacket. Moreno suggests that parents of little ones bring along easy-to-eat finger foods like fresh cut fruits and veggies. Consider enlisting the whole family in the picnic preparations and let older children cook a dish or have dad grill up something delicious.

Wednesday: Dance away the rainy days.

Don’t let spring showers dampen your spring break spirit. If your staycation happens to fall on a cloudy, gray day, Moreno recommends turning on a kid-friendly Pandora station and having an indoor dance party. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a stormy day during your staycation, including making kid-friendly trail mix, renting the latest blockbuster, or cuddling up under covers.

Thursday: Learn something new.

You love that the next town over has a museum, but when’s the last time you actually toured it? From local museums to art galleries and libraries, there are a variety of local cultural landmarks you finally have time to visit during your staycation. Check with your local arts and cultural centers to learn about any activities or special events they’re holding, and keep an eye out for family friendly programs that everyone can enjoy. Plan your visits during weekdays to save on entry fees and look for student discounts.

Friday: Mommy me-time.

Sure, your children might have time off from school, but what about some me time during spring break for mom? Moreno reminds parents to not forget their own staycation dreams and to take advantage of their children’s napping or quiet time for some well deserved me-time. She recommends enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage, picking up a new read, or scrolling through your favorite blog, turning on some good music and pampering yourself with homemade spa treatments. If you’re not sure where to start on your reading list, why not turn to some fellow females for inspiration.

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