These Stormtroopers Are the Most Dedicated Star Wars Fans in the Galaxy

Alert: Stormtroopers on the prowl

december-01-VV_POLI_US171260Leon Neal

Star Wars: Episode IX won’t land until the end of 2019, but the Force is with us already. In fact, wannabe warriors, such as these stormtroopers who turned up on London’s Millennium Bridge last year, roam the galaxy all the time. There are 88 “garrisons” sanctioned worldwide by an enthusiast organization called 501st Legion, and members take their characters seriously. The costumes are required to be 100 percent faithful to the movie versions, and each one can cost $1,800 or more. (Even if you already know these mind-blowing facts about Star Wars, you can’t reach their level of dedication.) They’re worn to premieres, of course, but these superfans spend much of their time appearing at charity events and fundraisers. Stormtroopers as a force of good? Let’s hope that Darth Vader doesn’t find out.

Photograph by Leon Neal

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