Starbucks’s Brand-New Pairings Menu Could Save You a Lot of Money

Updated: Jun. 21, 2024

Try the latest summer deal from Starbucks to keep both your belly and your wallet happy

There are some fast food pairings that just work. Cheeseburgers and french fries. Chicken and waffles. And, in my humble opinion, a Starbucks iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich. It’s always my go-to order when I’m traveling or need something quick while I’m running an errand, and thankfully, the folks at Starbucks completely understand. Or at least I think they do, given their brand-new Pairings Menu, which is now available at Starbucks locations nationwide.

Starting at just $5 a pair, Starbucks’s sweet deal for the summer will get you that coffee (or tea!) with a savory breakfast that will fill you up and fuel you for the day. Here’s what’s on the new Pairings Menu, what you can (and can’t) swap in and a few other things you need to know before making your next Starbucks run.

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What is the new Starbucks value pairing?

As of right now, the Pairings Menu is simply a pair (ha, get it?) with two items currently on the menu. The first is a 12-ounce iced or hot coffee or tea—including Starbucks’s newest iced-coffee blend—paired with a butter croissant for $5. Starbucks’s shaken iced teas (green tea, passion tea and basic black tea) are also included in this pairing.

If you want something a little more substantial for your morning meal, you can get a sandwich with that iced coffee for $6 total. Sandwiches included in this deal are the Sausage, Cheddar & Egg Sandwich; the Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich; the Turkey Bacon, Cheddar & Egg White Sandwich; and the Chicken, Maple Butter & Egg Sandwich.

As you can see, this Pairings Menu isn’t as limited as you might have thought. Starbucks is allowing all types of customization options depending on what you’re craving in the morning. For $7, in fact, you can get the Double Smoked Bacon or Impossible Breakfast Sandwich options. You can also upgrade your Starbucks cup size or customize what’s in your coffee for an additional charge of anywhere from $0.50 for a Grande to $1.50 for a Trenta.

How much can this save you?

breakfast sandwich from starbucks with teaDawn Yanek/

While original prices may vary depending on which Starbucks location you’re at, if you compare the average prices of these items alone to the items put together in a pair, you’re saving quite a bit of money. For example, a Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich is priced around $5.95 per sandwich at Starbucks. This means that you’re practically getting your beverage for free with this pair! (An iced coffee costs around $2.95.) You’re even spending less money if you order a Chicken, Maple Butter & Egg Sandwich, which costs an average of $6.95 per sandwich.

An important note if you love your caffeine: One Reader’s Digest editor who has made very good use of the Pairings Menu since its launch highly recommends ponying up at least $0.50 for a bigger drink. The 12-ounce drink is pretty small, especially if you’re used to Starbucks’s larger sizes, and the upgrade is still an incredible deal.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. While there are some options to customize your coffee and tea, as well as two sandwich upgrades, Starbucks is keeping this menu simple with the options noted above. Fancy beverages such as boba refreshers and Frappuccinos are not included, and you can’t switch or substitute pastries or breakfast options if you don’t want a croissant or sandwich.

How long will these deals last?

As of right now, the Pairings Menu is a limited-time offer for the summer, and products will vary depending on the store you visit and what’s available. There isn’t any specific information on whether this Pairings Menu will stay for good, but I can only hope that it remains. It would make my Starbucks order far easier when I’m waiting in line!

How does Starbucks’s deal compare to other value pairings?

Starbucks isn’t the only fast-food restaurant with value pairings as of late. The head honchos of the major chains are trying to bring customers back into their establishments after slumping sales, the result of sky-high fast-food prices and general inflation. The strategy? Deals for you! If you’re also looking for an easy and cheap deal to grab for lunch, stop by one of these spots to make the most of your money.

  • Burger King: The “$5 Your Way Meal” allows customers to pair a burger with fries, chicken nuggets and a soft drink.
  • Wendy’s: This restaurant’s “$5 Biggie Bag Meal” is similar to Burger King’s, with a sandwich, four-piece nugget, junior fry and soft drink in the bag.
  • KFC: The “Meal for One” offers two pieces of chicken (drum and thigh), mashed potatoes and gravy, and a biscuit for just $4.99.
  • Panera: You may know the “You Pick Two” option at Panera, but this chain also offers a Value Duets deal with set soup/sandwich/salad options for just $7.99, compared with the usual “You Pick Two” prices, which vary depending on the items you choose.
  • McDonald’s: The “$12 Dinner Box” went viral online because of how much food it contains—it could feed a family of five, according to one very impressed TikTokker. Plus, who could forget the McDonald’s Dollar Menu items, with breakfast sandwich options priced at $3 or less?


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