This State Has the Fewest Starbucks Locations in the Country

There are only a single-digit number of places to buy your favorite Starbucks coffee here.

This State Has the Fewest Starbucks Locations in the CountryBankoo/Shutterstock

There’s no slowing Starbucks down. Between new products, store openings, and plans to expand its delivery service around the globe, the company’s success is massive and only appears to be growing—which is why the tiny number of Starbucks found in one northeastern U.S. state is so shocking.

Based on data from company’s online store locator, Vermont has the fewest number of Starbucks locations in America. The magic number? Nine.

Yes, the Green Mountain State doesn’t even break into double digits when it comes to Starbucks coffee shops. There’s a cluster of five locations around Burlington, the most populous city in Vermont; one in nearby Williston; and three remaining outliers in Barre (near the state capital of Montpelier), Manchester, and Bennington. These are the 13 things Starbucks employees won’t tell you.

Considering that Vermont has the second lowest state population in America, with nearly 624,000 residents, it’s not all that surprising that the state isn’t swamped with stores pouring out Frappuccinos and cups of Pike Place. What is odd is that Wyoming, the least populous state with fewer than 578,000 residents, has more than double the number of Starbucks locations that Vermont has (23). Here are more facts you never knew about the 50 states.

Could this be due to the fact that Wyoming is simply the larger state? Do Wyoming residents favor Starbucks coffee more than Vermonters do? We can speculate all we want, but as long as Starbucks is focused on its most lucrative markets, we may never learn the true reason. But don’t worry, Vermonters—every state is at the bottom of one ranking or another. Find out what each state in America is best (and worst) at.