This State Has the Cleanest Hotels in America

Find out which city came out on top, too!

Let’s face it: A hotel has the power to make or break your vacation. When we walk into a dirty hotel room to find unwashed sheets, towels lying on the floor from the last visitor, or an unappealing odor—all obvious signs you’re about to stay at a bad hotel—we can feel completely skeeved out. Conversely, a clean, neatly organized room creates a welcoming and relaxing environment that allows us to feel like we are getting the most out of our money. AAA understands the importance of having a pristine place to stay, which is why they have traveled around the nation searching for the hotels with the best housekeeping and maintenance practices. After AAA identified the cleanest hotels, they granted the properties the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping award. If you’re looking to visit one of the cleanest hotels in America, it’s only fitting for you to also travel on one of the cleanest airlines in the world.

How did AAA determine which hotels were the cleanest?

While all hotels must initially meet a certain cleanliness standard to qualify for AAA’s Inspected & Approved hotels and receive a Diamond rating, AAA only grants the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping award to hotels that exceed expectations. Wondering how AAA judged which hotels were really the cleanest? All awarded hotels had to pass a thorough on-site inspection and demonstrate that they are truly committed to keeping their properties in top condition. According to AAA’s research, cleanliness is one of the most important factors that travelers consider when booking a hotel. With this in mind, they were careful to only award the properties that go above and beyond for guests. Sign us up!

Which state and city has the cleanest hotels in America?

If you’re planning a trip any time soon, you may want to consider traveling to the state with the most hotels that were awarded the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping distinction. California takes the prize, as it is home to an impressive 982 awarded hotels. What better way to spend a much-needed escape from reality than in an immaculate hotel in the relaxing and sunny state of California?

However, if you’re looking to travel on the East Coast, you’ll definitely want to stay in the city with the cleanest hotels in America. According to AAA, New York City is home to 161 hotels that were granted the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping distinction. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a Broadway show or visiting the Empire State Building, now is definitely the time. Tour New York City by day, and sleep in one of the cleanest hotels in America by night—also checking to see if there’s any overlap with the hotels with the best customer service!

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