This State Has the Highest Concentration of Millionaires in the Country

Here's to hoping their good fortune is contagious.

Stack of one hundred dollar bills close-up.Svetlana Lukienko/Shutterstock

Millionaires are an interesting group of people: they tend to read a lot of books, make their own luck, and power through difficult situations with determination and grit. And typically, they tend to live in the same neighborhoods. Find out if you have one of the 10 traits of millionaires.

So where should you go if you want to be around people with deep pockets? Maryland, the state with the highest concentration of millionaires. According to New York-based marketing firm Phoenix Marketing International, more than 1 in 12 Maryland households had $1 million or more. What’s more, the state has held the top spot for seven years in a row.

The second highest ranking state is New Jersey, which houses 7.86 percent of the country’s millionaires. Next up is Connecticut, with 7.75 percent; Hawaii, with 7.57 percent; and Alaska, with 7.5 percent. The study came at a time when the number of U.S. households with at least $1 million in liquid wealth increased by 6 percent. There are now about 7.2 million millionaire households in the country. Find out the 15 small towns with the most millionaires.

So what makes Maryland so much wealthier than everyone else? For one, the state has the second-highest number of graduate degrees in the country (the first being Massachusetts). It also has some of the highest rates of high-paying jobs like doctors and people in management, according to one study using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Make sure you could fit in by learning the 13 things rich people never say.

And while we can’t guarantee that moving to Maryland will make you a millionaire, we can help you get there on your own. Start out with the 26 secrets rich people won’t tell you about their habits and lives.

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