4 Storage Tips for Your Attic

Just because it’s out of sight, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tidy.

Attic sense. Since the basement and garage are usually easier to get to than the attic, store frequently used items in those more accessible spaces. Save all the seasonal items, or those items that you will probably never use but can’t bear to throw out, for the attic.

Plastic storage bins are the best choice for storing clothing in an attic, and not just because they allow the contents to be seen at a glance. Cardboard boxes and trash bags make a good home for vacationing mice.

Miles of aisles. Don’t just heap stuff in piles in the attic. Instead, make boxes and bins more accessible by arranging them in rows perpendicular to the attic ceiling. Leave enough aisle space between rows for easy maneuvering. And label everything so that when a container is needed, it can be easily identified.

Highs and lows. Temperature swings tend to be more pronounced in the attic, since it is usually above the house’s insulation. These fluctuations will devastate books, videos, and photographs, so find another place for them.

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