Here’s a List of Stores Open on Easter Sunday (and a Few That Will Be Closed)

Here are the grocery stores closed on Easter, and those that are open, so you can spend less time driving around and more time with family.

Easter Sunday is coming up quickly, and whether you’re doing a big-batch recipe or only cooking Easter dinner for four, it can be hard getting the last-minute supplies you need. You could throw something tasty together with pantry staples, but if your favorite dish calls for something special, you’ll need to go for a drive. At the very least, you’ll probably want to pick up some snacks for when you watch one of the best Easter movies with your family or maybe even snatch some extra Easter eggs.

Have no fear! Rather than arriving empty-handed, or driving around searching for an open store, we’ve rounded up which grocery stores will be open on Easter, and which ones you should skip.

Stores open on Easter

Albertson’s, most stores open

CVS, regular hours

Kroger Stores, most stores open

Meijer, regular hours

Piggly Wiggly, regular hours

RiteAid, regular hours

Trader Joe’s, hours vary by location

Vons, most stores open

Walgreens, regular hours

Walmart, most open, regular hours

Wegmans, most open, hours vary by location

Whole Foods, hours vary by location

Winn Dixie, hours vary by location

While many locations are still open, there are others like Target and Aldi who are granting their hard-working employees a day off to give them a well-deserved break after the last year. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stores closed for Easter




Sam’s Club


For stores with varying hours, or for information on your local mom-and-pop shop, call or visit their website for exact hours. If you can plan in advance, you can make sure to have some of these items around the house for these adorable homemade Easter crafts.

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