29 Strange (but True!) Street Names You Won’t Believe Exist

These streets have ridiculously funny names that'll have you cracking up—and wondering who the heck was in charge of naming them.

Don’t worry, there’s…

There’s a reason why certain street signs are shaped the way they are.

We need to find the exact location of this street ASAP

Something smells funny…

How could we forget this street?

This is the real reason traffic lights are red, yellow, and green.

Do you ever feel like your life is just a…

Sounds… messy

You won’t believe these eight words are 100 percent real—and they’re hysterical.

Something about this seems a tad contradictory…

The doodles aren’t just doodles… they’re “punkey” doodles

Try saying this one five times fast

If you’re really feeling confident, try reading this word—it’s the longest one in the English language.

Something tells us there aren’t any purple cows on this road

Or the highway

These 18 funny road signs are worth slowing down for.

Makes you wonder what happened on this street to name it this…

OK, how could we not include this one?

Can you believe these hilarious town names are real?

We wouldn’t want to live on this street…

Something about that doesn’t seem sanitary

For the record, here’s how many germs are hiding in your wallet right now.

What’s so funny?

The best kinds of ducklings are fluffy!

Sounds like someone might need a razor…

You NEED to see this restaurant’s signs—they’re so funny.

If there isn’t at least one llama on this road, we’ll be very disappointed

Potatoes aren’t just great for eating, they also make fabulous road signs

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t seem to put down that potato chip bag, here’s why.

Nothing to fry your eggs in? We’ve got you covered

While we’re talking about frying eggs, did you know you can “cook” an egg without any heat at all?

Better get your walking shoes on, because this street is…

Somebody had quite the sense of humor when they named these streets

Here are 15 reasons we think comedians should be in charge of naming streets—and everything else, for that matter.

Well, if you don’t need it…

There’s nothing quite like some…

How the heck do you pronounce this?

Speaking of pronunciation, you’ve probably been saying these 17 company names wrong.

If your dog could ask you to take them on a walk, they’d probably say…

…or something like that. Here are 50 other things your pet wishes they could tell you.

As in, we can’t believe these signs are real… so real

Trust us, parking is that way

We have thousands of other jokes to make your day, too. Check them out here.

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