Stranger Builds Wheelchair Ramp for Amputee the Day After He Helps Him Go Up Stairs

This Good Samaritan did double the good.

amputeeottoblotto/ShutterstockOne random act of kindness can make someone’s day, but a Crestview, Florida, man knows a good deed isn’t a one-time thing.

After spending three months in and out of the hospital with numerous health issues, Donald Austin had his leg partially amputated. He was relieved to finally be able to go home after just four days recovering from the operation. When he reached his porch, though, the joy drained away.

Donald thought he’d be able to make it up the steps to the front door on crutches, but his strength and balance weren’t as strong as he’d hoped. The wheelchair was too heavy for his wife, Jennifer Austin, to lift up the steps, even when his mom pitched in. Donald ended up on the concrete, the family feeling totally at a loss. They were out of strength and out of options.

Just then, a car caught the family’s eyes. It had driven past once but was slowly circling back. The stranger, Steven Smith, pulled up and asked if he could help. Relieved, the family watched Smith lift Donald inside and lay him safely on a couch.

But the Good Samaritan knew there was more to do.

Smith figured this wasn’t the only time Donald would need to climb those steps. So the next day, Smith, who’s a welder, came back and asked if he could build a ramp in front of the house. With his dad and a couple more helping hands, Smith set up a ramp over the steps to make the home wheelchair accessible. The act of kindness brought the family to tears.

“This stranger has saved the day for us twice within 24 hours. He also brightened our spirits that had become increasingly dimmed over the difficult months,” Jennifer wrote on Facebook. “There is a sense of optimism back in our home because of his kindness.”

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