This Survey About Stress in the American Workplace Will Stress You Out

Deep breaths, everyone.

workT.Dallas/ShutterstockAmericans: not the laziest people in the world. That slogan may seem like a lukewarm endorsement, not quite categorizing our America as a silk sack of couch potatoes, but not quite categorizing America as a canvas pouch full of people who are very industrious. But if there was any doubt about how much the working American goes through, this new survey from the RAND Corporation tosses it out the window.

The study pieces together a picture that isn’t too pretty. Some of the greatest hits from the study include: 20 percent of Americans experience a hostile work environments with instances of verbal abuse and unwanted sexual attention, over 50 percent of Americans work in hazardous or unpleasant conditions,  26 percent of employers don’t offer health insurance, and 62 percent of workers describe their job as monotonous.

The data gathered wasn’t all negative though.

The study gathered responses from over 2,000 working Americans in 2015. Eighty percent of Americans found their job to be “meaningful,” 85 percent found that they were applying their own ideas in the workplace, and 56 percent say they have very good friends at work.

If you’re at work and feeling stressed out by this study, this activity has been proven to release workplace tension

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