Listen Up, Sushi Lovers: You Can Get Sushi Delivered By Robot in This Country

All you have to do is order on the robot's app, and a cute, red, sushi-bearing bot will show up at your door. can work at gas stations. Gas stations can also have sushi. In Japan, robots can now deliver sushi. Don’t eat sushi from gas stations. 

(And no matter where you’re getting your sushi from, be sure to follow these tips if you want to keep your meal on the healthier side.)

Japanese company Ride On Express, which owns the popular sushi restaurant Gin no Sara, will be partnering with robotics company ZMP to make this sushi delivery dream a reality.

The service, called CarriRo Delivery, will employ a squat red, Zamboni-looking robot to cart the California rolls all over town. The robot will be able to carry enough sushi to feed 60 people at any given time.

CarriRo’s promotional video depicts the process as being incredibly straightforward. Someone can open the CarriRo app, select which items (rolls, in this instance) they want to be delivered, then wait. You can track the progress of your delivery in real time, and see exactly where the delivery bot is.

The max speed of this little red guy is four miles per hour, so putting your order in plenty in advance might be in your best interest. (And if you suffer from the dreaded “sushi face” after the fact, here’s how you can combat it.)