These Moms’ Hilarious Quotes Express What Women Really Think About Swimsuits

"Swimsuit shopping is the best!" said no one ever.

These two hilarious moms just made all of our body positivity dreams come true.

With swimsuit season upon us, it’s easy to feel discouraged by all those dieting fads and exercise regimes popping up on our Facebook feeds. As if we needed another reason to think we will never look good (let alone feel comfortable) in that skimpy bikini.

Thankfully, Kirstin Hensley and Jen Smedley, stars of the popular Facebook page #IMomSoHard, feel our pain. When these two moms took to the Internet to give the “beach bod” the boot, their video sounded off on the ridiculous pressures that every woman knows a little too well.

First off, guys have it so easy at the beach. Can we talk about those sensible (not to mention comfortable!) swimming trunks that reach down to their knees?

“Wow, you’re wearing a practical outfit for what you have to do today,” Hensley said when the two women tried some on. “You can bend down, and it’s not super indecent.”

Let’s be honest: Moms should get the practical gear. After all, they’re the ones who have “to lifeguard, build sandcastles, supply treats, re-stand the umbrella every dang time it blows over, spray sunscreen, drink a beer, look for seashells, warm-up wet kiddos, force people to eat sandwiches and drink juice, blow up water-wings, and keep my son from publicly urinating,” the caption of the video said. “Basically, I’ve got a really fun job to do and I don’t have time to let a piece of lycra throw me off my game.”

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Long story short? Moms everywhere agree: “You can’t discipline in this!” Hensley said.

Then, Hensley and Smedley expressed what we’re all thinking when we put on a swimsuit.

“This gives me four complete butt cheeks,” Smedley said.

And even the one-piece suits—which at least give you more coverage—weren’t safe.

“What’s with these cutouts?” Hensley said about one of the suits. “Isn’t the whole idea to keep everything in?”

We need the praise-hands emoji for this one:

“I wonder if there’s a way to make your butt feel too big, to really accentuate your love handles, and to make your bust feel inadequate,” Smedley said. “Oh yeah, here’s one swimsuit.”

They offered some consoling words of wisdom, as well.

“Nobody’s got it worse at the beach than a dude with a real hairy back,” Smedley said. “There’s always going to be that guy at the beach that everybody’s looking at and not you.”

But in the end, the moms got real about being proud of your body—no matter what shape it takes.

“You know what’s really sexy? Joy! That’s what I think,” Hensley said.

“Nobody thinks that they look perfect, ever! Let’s just all go to the beach,” Smedley said. “And have a good time!” Hensley chimed in.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Forget the body-shamers. Instead, you can embrace your shape by finding the most flattering swimsuit for your body type.

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