Forget Cake, This Baby Celebrated Her First Birthday with Tacos

It's "nacho" party, but you'll wish it was.

This-‘Taco-Smash’-Is-Baby-Birthday-GoalsCourtesy Julia Aiello

Baby Delta Phillips’ mom wanted to do something extra special to celebrate her child turning one. She considered the traditional cake smash, but Delta doesn’t have a big sweet tooth. “I didn’t think cake would go over as well because she just picks at it and takes a couple bites and has no interest,” her mom, Monica Phillips, told TODAY. She wanted to do something more creative, and realized tacos were the perfect fit.

The Phillips family has a history with Taco Bell. Phillips and her husband had their “unofficial first date” at the fast food restaurant, and her water broke with her second child, Mariah, who’s now four, in the drive-thru of that same restaurant, according to Fox6. When the family is looking for a treat, they hit up Taco Bell.

So the Phillips decided to hook precious Delta up with a 12-pack of Taco Bell tacos. Thankfully, Julia Marie Photography snapped photos of the mini taco lover as she smiled in front of a “taco bout a party” banner. Then came the grub, and Delta’s jaw dropped.

Lucky little Delta got to chow down on a whole platter of tacos, digging in with both hands. The one year old couldn’t look more satisfied surrounded by shredded cheese and ground beef. And really, who can blame her?

Happy birthday, Delta!

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