150 Thanksgiving Captions That Are Perfect for Turkey Day

Need just the right words for a Thanksgiving photo? Use one of these Thanksgiving captions to sum up that special moment perfectly.

Thanksgiving just may be our favorite holiday. We don’t have to worry about buying presents for anyone, but we still get to spend the whole day with loved ones, celebrate all the things we’re grateful for and stuff ourselves with delicious food until we’re about to burst. Hey, it’s a tradition! But is it really Thanksgiving if we don’t share the good times on social media? We think not, and that’s where this list of perfect Thanksgiving captions comes in.

Thanksgiving captions that add flair to your feed

These captions are a little different from your typical Instagram captions. Sure, they might be laugh-out-loud hilarious, but they can also be sweet and meaningful—it all depends on your Thanksgiving vibe. Here are some spot-on suggestions for almost every type of Turkey Day pic, as well as a few Thanksgiving quotes that capture the spirit of the day.

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Food-themed Thanksgiving captions

1. Can’t wait to gobble all this up!

2. Something the turkey and I have in common: We’re both stuffed.

3. So glad I wore my stretchy pants to dinner this year.

4. Here’s to full lives and full stomachs.

5. Catch me doing the gobble wobble after dinner.

6. Hope this picture isn’t too corny for you.

7. There’s always room for more stuffing.

8. That third helping of mashed potatoes is calling … and I’m answering.

9. Carbs don’t exist on Thanksgiving, right?

10. Definitely going back for seconds … and thirds … and dessert.

11. Oooooh, gravy I love your way.

12. Sweet as pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Instagram Caption Sweet As Pumpkin Pierd.com, Getty Images (2)

13. Stomach: empty. Plate: full. Feast: on!

14. Having a yam good time.

15. When I say “I’m full,” please know it means “I’m full … but I have room for dessert.”

16. Cranberry sauce counts toward my daily fruit serving, right?

17. Keep rollin’ …

18. Yeah, I’m into fitness—fitness bowl of mashed potatoes in my mouth.

19. Already excited for the leftovers!

20. Bready for more.

Thanksgiving puns are the gifts that keep on giving, in captions, cards and conversations with the family.

Funny Thanksgiving captions

Thanksgiving Instagram Caption Only Key To My Heart Is Turkeyrd.com, Getty Images (2)

21. The only key to my heart is turkey.

22. #stuffed

23. One thing I’m grateful for today: elastic waistbands.

24. I’ll share anything with my family … except my leftovers.

25. What my parents brought to the table: a great dinner. What I brought to the table: stretchy pants and bad jokes.

26. Already looking forward to that post–Thanksgiving dinner nap.

27. Wining and dining.

28. Surrounded by the things I love most. Oh, and my family’s here too.

29. Full heart, fuller plate.

30. Remember, things could be worse: You could be the turkey.

dog wearing a turkey hat at the thankgsivign table with a caption that says, "Remember, things could be worse: You could be the turkey"RD.com, getty images (2)

31. Came for the food, stayed for the company … and because I couldn’t move after dinner.

32. Talk about a gourd-ous meal!

33. My answer to everything today is pie.

34. Pretty sure I’m 99% gravy now.

35. Me two hours ago: “I can’t eat another bite.” Also me, an hour and 59 minutes ago: “Pass the potatoes, please.”

36. Nothing fowl about this meal.

37. Only 365 days until the next Thanksgiving dinner.

38. Talk turkey to me.

39. Another one bites the crust.

40. Thankful for the real Thanksgiving MVPs: the to-go containers.

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Cute Thanksgiving captions

two women standing in a kitchen cooking during thanksgiving with a caption that says, "Thankful, grateful and blessed"RD.com, getty images (2)

41. Thankful, grateful and blessed.

42. Surrounded by my favorite cutie-pies this Thanksgiving.

43. Gobbling up the good times!

44. Cheers to my dears.

45. Good food and good company—what more could you ask for?

46. It’s pretty easy to count my blessings this year, since they’re all in front of me.

47. Grateful for this gourd-ous life.

48. This right here is homemade happiness.

49. Love gathers here.

50. It’s the little things I’m most grateful for.

51. Blessed beyond belief.

52. Wishing you lots of laughs and love this Thanksgiving.

Here are more sweet Thanksgiving wishes to share with your loved ones.

Thanksgiving Instagram Caption Wishing You Lots Of Laughs And Love This Thanksgivingrd.com, Getty Images (2)

53. Eat, drink and be grateful.

54. Counting blessings, not carbs.

55. Turns out, the desserts aren’t the sweetest things at the table this year.

56. Live, laugh, love, eat, repeat.

57. Practice gratitude not just today but all year long.

58. Giving thanks one bite at a time.

59. Eating, drinking and laughing = time well spent.

60. Gathered with the best!

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Thanksgiving captions about family

Thanksgiving Instagram Caption Good Family Good Food Incredible Thanksgivingrd.com, Getty Images (2)

61. Good family + good food = an incredible Thanksgiving.

62. Family gathering: the ultimate Thanksgiving blessing.

63. I love my family … but if they touch my leftovers, it’s on.

64. Family: the biggest blessing of all.

65. Love is where family is.

66. Happy Thanksgiving, from our blessed brood to yours.

67. Grateful for my people.

68. Now taking bets on who spills a family secret at Thanksgiving dinner!

69. Grateful to grow with these people.

70. I don’t know what I did to deserve this family, but I’m sure glad they’re here.

71. Surrounded by my best blessings.

72. Hold your family tight … and your leftovers tighter.

73. The sweetest memories are those little moments spent with loved ones.

74. Great food, better company.

75. Grateful for all the laughs and smiles these people have brought.

76. Is there anything better than a good meal with the ones you love?

77. Friends, family and food—couldn’t ask for anything better.

78. Fam[ily].

79. Family means going for seconds (and thirds) together.

80. Better together.

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Thankful Thanksgiving captions

Family of four taking a selfie with the caption, "Thankful for food, friends, family and the future"RD.com, getty images (2)

81. Extra thankful for these people around the table.

82. Thankful for food, friends, family and the future.

83. A full heart is a thankful heart.

84. Stomachs: full. Hearts: thankful.

85. Always find something to be thankful for in this world.

86. Remember: Life should be full of thanks and giving year-round.

87. If I had to choose one word to sum up my feelings for today, it would be thankful.

88. Thankful for the love (and food) that filled this home today.

89. Thankful that my stomach and pants can stretch.

90. #thankful

Thanksgiving Instagram Caption Hashtag Thankfulrd.com, Getty Images (2)

91. So many thanks to give, so little time.

92. Thankful together.

93. Cheers to another thankful year!

94. Giving thanks like it’s my job.

95. Thankful to be full right now.

96. If you’re going to be one thing in this life, be thankful.

97. Thankful for this wonderful life (and mashed potatoes).

98. Giving thanks for all we have and all we’ve done.

99. Things change, but being thankful remains the same.

100. Giving thanks, from my family to yours this year.

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Emoji Thanksgiving captions

hands holding a pie with a caption that says, "🙌 All hail pumpkin pie 🙌"RD.com, getty images (2)

101. Feelin’ 🙏

102. Thanksgiving’s got me feeling like 😇

103. 🙌, it’s Thanksgiving!

104. 🥳 🥳 🥳 for Turkey Day!

105. Me after Thanksgiving: 😴

106. These are my post-Thanksgiving plans 👉 🛏

107. Stuffing got me like: 😍

108. 🦃 day, best day!

109. Missing! Have you seen this 🦃?

110. Hip hip hooray 🎉, it’s Turkey Day! 🦃

111. Gobble, gobble 🦃

112. ✌️ out, Thanksgiving!

113. What I’m most 🫶 for:

114. Not pictured: My 👀 being way bigger than my stomach.

115. Me after eating my weight in mashed potatoes:🤰

116. Raise your hand if you don’t want Thanksgiving to be over 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

117. 🍻 to great friends, great food and great memories

118. Raising a glass to everyone I’m thankful for 🥂

119. Is it really Thanksgiving if you didn’t 🏃 the Turkey Trot? 🤔

120. Me when my family asks who ate all the stuffing: 🫣

121. Thanksgiving turkey: “You’re getting sleeepy …” 😵‍💫 😵‍💫 😵‍💫

122. 🙌 All hail pumpkin pie 🙌

123. Me to the stuffing: I want 🫵 in my belly

124. Grateful for these people 🧡

125. Thankful for 😂 and 🥰 with this family!

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Punny Thanksgiving captions

couple in a kitchen cooking with the caption that says, "The only thing cornier than cornbread is my love for this guy"RD.com, getty images (2)

126. Wing wing! Did somebody call for a turkey?

127. I’ll turkey trot my way over to the Thanksgiving table, thank you very much.

128. No fowl play this Thanksgiving!

129. The only thing cornier than cornbread is my love for this guy.

130. Pumpkin’s gotta give this holiday season.

131. These are the people who float my gravy boat.

132. She won the tur-key to my heart.

133. Participated in my favorite adaptation: Beauty and the Feast.

134. I yam ready to celebrate!

135. Pie love my family and friends.

136. And now I’m gobble-gobble-going to bed.

137. These are my birds of a feather.

138. Thanksgiving was gobble-gobble-great!

139. I’m stuffed full of stuffing.

140. In pie we crust!

141. We got sauced this Thanksgiving!

142. Talk turkey to me.

143. That’s how this family casser-rolls on Thanksgiving.

144. And last but not feast, our Thanksgiving meal!

145. There was much ado about stuffing this year.

146. Pumpkin pie was my piece offering this Thanksgiving.

147. My family is pumpkin special.

148. Might not play the drums, but I do love drumsticks!

149. This Thanksgiving was a night to November.

150. We gobbled till we wobbled.

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