How to Create Gorgeous Gourd Candleholders

These gourd candleholders will light up your autumn.

What better solution to light up the festivities than using gourds (or miniature pumpkins or carnival squash) as candleholders?

The only step required is to cut a hole in the center for a candle. However, this step should be done only by adults. Set your Gorgeous Gourds on a foil-lined tray and add fresh-cut flowers, then place the arrangement on a coffee table or buffet table. Before drawing faces on your gourds, consider their personalities–this is what squash would tell you if they could talk.

You Will Need
Assorted gourds, carnival squash, or miniature pumpkins
Pumpkin carving tools (a lid-cutter saw)
Sharp knife
Taper and votive candles

What to Do
1. Insert the knife into the center of the gourd near the stem. Be careful, as gourds are very hard. Wedge the knife back and forth a little until you have a slit of about an inch. Remove the knife.

2. Insert lid-cutter saw and gently and patiently saw — with an up-and-down sawing motion, (don’t try to slice) — a circle in the center of the gourd. Don’t push too hard or the saw can break. If this happens, try to finish the work with a grapefruit knife or apple corer. When the ends of the circle meet, remove the section of the gourd.

3. Drizzle a few drops of candle wax in the hole and insert a taper or votive candle as shown.

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